XF 2.0 500 Unknown Command


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Trying to create an addon... in terminal: php cmd.php xf-addon:create

Returning the error `500 Unknown Command`

Doesn't appear anyone else is having this issue...

Is there a way to create an addon without going through a CLI?
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The only references I can find to that error message seem to imply it's coming from an FTP server, so I'm really not sure what would cause that at a terminal/local file system (presumably without you actually even seeing any of the questions asked).

Strictly speaking, you can manually make the directory and JSON file I guess, but the CLI is an important part of XF2's development system, so you'll need to figure out why that isn't working. (Or try a different system setup if needed.)


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Got it figured out. Was using the wrong port. My host changes the default SSH port.