5 minute delay for site loading!

hello guys, my site started two days ago:)
But I have a big problem!
The forum does not open every few minutes And remains in loading mode.( waiting for siteaddress.com...)
After about 5-6 minutes, the site opens!
I have about 50 users online simultaneously!!
my server detail is:

  • Raid ControllerP410i Zero
  • Port(1Gbps (4x1 Gpbs
  • CPU2x X5650-2.67GHz-6/6cores-12threads
  • HDD4x1 TB
Someone can help me find the problem?
When I start downloading a 800 MB file did not open until the download is completed site!
I checked this with several different laptop And different internet and None failed to open the site!:rolleyes:
What add-ons do you have enabled?
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I would bet that if u disabled all those add-ons your site would become faster. Slowly re-enable and once it starts slowing down you have the culprit. Alternatively turn debug on and see which queries are taking long.

Not all addon developers are the same.
I've disabled all add-on and try again!
after download 4 attachment file my web site not open! and down! (attachment files 400mb- 800mb - 1.2gb - 700mb)
and i click stop downloads, and after 5-10 min website is ready!
please help me guys :cry::cry::cry:


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I am also interested to hear from XF about this.

I also have registered cases where the access of my site gets very slow while someone is downloading a 100 MB file.


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I have 2 sites with the latest version installed with many of the themehouse addons installed with no issues, have you checked the site logs and your server logs to see if anything unusual is going on?
xenForo not have any Official Support ???????????!!
I have a serious problem with the forum and have disabled my site, And I'm really under pressure!
I recently migrated to xenforo and this experience has been very bitter for me.


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I replied to your ticket. This is almost certainly down to your PHP configuration (more specifically, PHP-FPM). It probably has a limited amount of PHP processes and each download takes a process while it's running (since the file is served through PHP). You can probably change that limits in your PHP-FPM config to account for this.

Though saying that, we wouldn't really recommend serving huge files through the attachment system if you can avoid it. Serving a direct file via the web server is much preferred as that's what it's good at. We actually do this for video uploads for exactly this reason, for example.


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This is almost certainly down to your PHP configuration (more specifically, PHP-FPM).
I do agree. I had the same "strange" problem and not only with xenForo but also with other PHP scripts. The default values of PHP-FPM are very low, even in concurrent users accessing the the database. And, as I also had big files for download (videos), my site was not only slow but, in most cases crashed.
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I updated default values of PHP-FPM .
and problem solved.
but When the user uses the Download Manager to download the file . The number of idm connections is just one
how can i increase it?