XF 1.4 '404 Not Found' Error everywhere but homepage after host/domain change

Hi all,

I've just moved by XenForo community from a folder on my website to its own domain and hosting. To transfer the files, I -
  • Copied the files from my original host and moved them directly to the new one.
  • I then exported and imported the .sql database into the new host.
  • Lastly I updated the config file with all the new information.

However now when I load the new URL I can get to the index page of the forum, but the moment I click on any other link, it gives me a '404 Not Found' error. Did I forget to do something?

I am moving my forum from http://athleticsexclusive.com/callroom/ to http://thecallroom.com.au/

Please help


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You have Friendly URLs enabled and either the .htaccess file is missing from the instllation root or the server is not configured to support them.

If the file is missing, you can recreate a new .htaccess file by renaming htaccess.txt.

Otherwise you will need to contact your host and ask them configure the server to support them (or disable Friendly URLs).