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40 usd for shoutcast support(internet radio)


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this is nothing what i originally want, the template as stated is too ugly, toolbar is impractical use, not something my members want to install, wish to have a radio mods similar to vborg mod

my offer for 40 usd still stand
for supporting shoutcast script
o_O There is no pleasing some people... Just thought a $12 player was better than laying out $40.. Silly me..

There is a shed load to choose from here : http://www.mmfiles.com/flash/media_players/

As ragtek stated above his addon is the carrier , once installed you can use any player you like...

Other options I posted were for ANY member who reads the thread not just you maidos , sorry..



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Ok I was able to embed your stream Maidos but as before I am still working on retrieving the meta data from the stream in a way that is proper and reproducible.

I have messaged you in the previous private convo we had started and left you a link to see if that will work for you in the interim of now and you finding/having a solution built for you. Hopefully this helps for now.


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Looking forward for a similar add-on (not flash player) that we can manage through XenForo, that basically replaces the "Shoutcast status" modification on vBulletin.