301 Redirect not working

Originally I had IPB 3.3 hosted by IPSLink at forum.noxcrew.com

I had recently backed the WHOLE website up (Including all root files) and placed them in a folder called IPBOARD_FORUM_BACKUP then moved the backup to the new host, Site5.

My problem is that how do i make the redirect work properly? I archived the import log at the end of the migration from IPB 3.3 to XF, is that the right log?

Which folder do i put the 3 files?

The forums are located at noxcrew.com/forum but I mainly ue forum.noxcrew.com and that takes the information from noxcrew.com/forum (Works as if you were at noxcrew.com/forum)

Here are the old and new links that I would like to eventually work:
OLD URL: http://forum.noxcrew.com/index.php?/topic/14-the-noxcrew-gameshow-tournament-
NEW URL: http://forum.noxcrew.com/index.php?threads/the-noxcrew-gameshow-tournament-ladder.11/

- Pathurs