XF 2.1 Reduce 301 redirects in routing

My SEO manager wants me to get rid of some 301 redirects in our XenForo setup to satisfy the search engine robots.

For example, in the search result list there is a template called search_post_result included, which calls a route named threads/post in line 8. This call resolves to a URL like https://example.tld/forum/thread/slugified-thread-title.123/post-456.

Behind this URL, there is a 301 redirect forwarding you to https://example.tld/forum/thread/slugified-thread-title.123/page-2/#post-456

Is there any easy chance to manipulate that behaviour to get rid of the 301 redirects? I understand the reason for this approach; the list item in the search result doesn’t even know the page number the post is placed in the final thread view, so it cannot include the page number into the route directly, which results in this workaround.

I appreciate any help for this issue :)