<3 XenForo

So, 2nd of Jan 2011: happy new year!11

I'm enjoying some good rum with coke, sometimes called Cuba Libre and play some Guild Wars (on Linux). Multitasking - even with the sequential-tasking-brain and booze in it - I am so proud of myself *cough*.

Because of the rum, I am not quite sure where to post it, so I'll go with off topic. Hope it's okay.

Today I had to fix a compromised (uploaded & executed PHP payload via an avatar picture) SMF forum, one I run. SMF sounds/looks/feels like a blast from the past to me and I came to the conclusion to replace it.

Even with my (not only) currently limited spatial capability and only a quick glance I came to realize that xenForo is most likely the thing to use. So far I love everything and as a professional programmer I recognize the beauty behind xenForo.

Once I have recovered from my December booze bills, you'll get yourself a customer/victim. As a side effect of this, I'll write an SMF -> xenForo importer/converter.

Please keep the good work up.
I've noticed I can't edit the thread's title after a post, feature or optionally configurable? (I hate spelling mistakes, but sometimes they get through.)