3 different user groups inside 1 xenforo?


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hey I am helping set up a training hub for A New Zealand training company. I want to use Xenforo because it is quite user fridendly. It will be an online university. So students will be able to interact with each other and with the teachers. My question is can I have 3 different user groups that can acccess different content in the xenforo platform. For example. Year 1 students can only access their sessions and commmet on their lessons and year 2 students can access year 1 and 2 lessions and year 3 students can access 1,2 and 3. I just don't want a brand new year 1 student going thru all the training of the year 3 until they pay for it and have got that far their their courses. So it will be like a university full of students and teachers but you can only go to the classes that you are enrolled in but you can chat to anyone on campus.