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2M post Vb4.0 conversion

Converting an approximately 2,000,000 post vBulletin forum to XenForo as we speak. Started at 2200, still running at 0230 with the latest VB4>XF convertor. Will update if I have any problems.

Had two of these because an account on the server was hogging resources:

An exception occurred: Mysqli statement execute error : Prepared statement needs to be re-prepared...

-Restarted MySQL and the process, all's going well so far! :)


Formerly CyclingTribe
Good luck - the import is only the start, you've got lots of fun ahead setting up permissions, usergroups, etc. so hope it all goes smoothly for you. :D

I'm three weeks in from a 1.6 million post migration and I can't believe how well my members have taken to it; here's hoping you get a similar positive response for your regulars too. (y)

Keep us updated as to how it's all going ...

steven s

Well-known member
Thanks, me too. My demographic is terrified of change, but I'm ready to get the hell off of VB.
Change can be difficult. Every time I have either changed software or updated to a major versions people have asked me, what was wrong with the old one?
We went from one well known forum to drupal where people were very vocal about.
Then moved it all to xenforo. No one has really said anything since. I take it as people are happy. :)
Good luck.