XF 1.5 2FA Authy info is lost! Help!


I'm the admin on my forum and recently noticed my Authy no longer has my Forum 2FA setup (I did get a new phone so all I can think was that it got nuked around then). Now no matter what I try I can't get into the forum it keeps automatically forcing me to the 2FA login the second I go to the main page. Even when I try my Discord login, Facebook, and Twitter they all force me back to a 2FA code request. Nope no backups...sorry that's gone too.
So it seems I'm completely locked out of my own forum. However, I can access my main Xenforo account so is there a way I can turn off the 2FA from there? This is really frustrating as I can't even log in to respond to forum users and my product has recently gone live. UGH
Thanks in advance

p.s I can't remember what version of Xenforo I'm on..I'm guessing 1.2 maybe 1.5, i know for sure it's not 2.0. If there's a place to check for that I'll gladly update that in the post. Thanks
Ok I've tried this but it's still loading up with the 2FA. Any idea on the wait time for this to fix? Is there a way to wipe the cache locally to test?
Thanks again for the quick response!
If you have correctly added that line to the config.php file, then the 2FA prompt will not appear.

Unless you have some sort of severe caching on the server, in which case you should contact your host to resolve that.

$config['db']['host'] = 'localhost';
$config['db']['port'] = '12345';
$config['db']['username'] = 'blahblah';
$config['db']['password'] = 'lololololololol';
$config['db']['dbname'] = 'forumforumforum';
$config['superAdmins'] = '1';
$config['enableTfa'] = false;
$_SERVER['HTTPS'] = 'on';

So i put the config line before the HTTPS should i put it somewhere else?
Checking with my server support to see if they are doing insane caching as it's still forcing 2FA
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