2010 Fall Photos


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Last night whilst walking the dogs I noticed that there was slight scattering of leaves on the floor already.

I wonder if we'll have a decent, proper winter again this year.


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We're starting to see changing leaves here in East Tennessee as well. I'll get some shots up soon...although I've been told this season will be lackluster due to the extreme heat and drought we experienced this summer. Hope not!


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I rather doubt it John. In my experience, it's usually "the hotter the summer, the colder the winter". And with Fall coming early like this, I think we're in for it.
Hopefully, I'm wrong.

I look forward to seeing your pics. :)


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Last one for today. This is a pic I took after work last weekend, of a tree just outside the building. See the pretty reds and pinks?
Those are the outlines of the green leaves, not flowers.



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Naturally we're leaping into spring like new born lambs ... okay we are left wondering about bush fires, will water restrictions lead to dead gardens, and whether or not the NRL mad Monday can throw up something truly memorable this year ... only two arrests thus far, the Mungo boys are slipping in 2010.


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aawwwww now that's just sweet. But I have to disagree. The squirrel is cuter.

Don't worry about the topic. I'm enjoying the pics.