20,000 posts in less than 2 weeks.


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It's just insane. :confused:

That is all.
Volume is one thing, ratio of content to user base is another ....... the stats I'm plotting against a few other sites (as I do) ...... is well amazing, I've never seen or tracked it before.


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yeah, I think I'm posting a bit too much to be healthy.... even though there's still people with lots more posts than me ;)


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An active ratio of 924 ............ 40~ is the average from the sites I've tracked post import, which was thousands. (It's a measure of active user base relative to size and new content).

It's several orders of magnitude more active that just about any site I've tracked, OK we're in the honeymoon period ......... but really .....


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is your community running some awesome now forum software? or even making some awesome software? neither? oh well then, guess you miss out ;)

If I convert it from shiney IPB3.1 to XenForo, you guys still wouldn't come post :(


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A ratio 900+ more active that another site that we all might able to guess.

The biggest increase in growth ratio I've seen after a site migration or opening, was about a ratio increase of 40+.
Check back again when XF is released.