2 Skin problems Ie9

Sean James

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I was testing my skin in IE9 and noticed that when I expand the the browser a gap appears near the avatars (check attachment)

Also the XenForo site here seems to have a curved borders but on my site I dont have them. (check attachment)

Any help would be great, thanks heaps.


Sean James

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IE won't have rounded borders except for IE9. If you have a link, we can try and locate the problems.
That's what I said mate lol, XenForo.com is loading fine for me in IE9 but my own demo forum www.bluepearl-skins.com/xenforo is loading without rounded borders using IE9 check this screenshot:


I just checked your demo installation with IE9 and it appears fine to me.
Really? Maybe I'm just losing the plot tonight lol Will startup my Laptop and test.


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Yes, no problems with either the corners or the avatars.

It looks exactly the same in Chrome, FF and IE9.

Sean James

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Finally works for me, after clearing cache about a dozen times lol

Worked perfectly for me from the start with Mozilla, Chrome and Opera.

Thanks again mate.