XF 1.1 2 questions


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I just have 2 small questions. I am running 1.1.5 currently.

1. How do I increase the size of Avatars?

Currently my sites avatars are the size of Xenforo.com but i'd like to make them larger...say maybe like 160 X 160

I've seen some XF sites with HUGE Avatars so i know it is possible but idk how.

2. Membergroup colors
How do i make it where membergroup colors appear on the last post?
Each member has their respective colors but on the last post it shows it as white.

Screenshot of my site.



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1) It's an option on the ACP. I'm sure someone will point you to the exact one if you can't find it.

Still need help with #1 :p
if you guys know anyone to help me that'd be great :)

I want to change the actual avatar size...not like i originally said in the first post.
But like this site has a much bigger avatar thumbnail in threads than what it is default in XF.

how would i do that?



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