2 questions

Karl Livesey

New member
1. Can I convert my existing free phpBB forum to a format xenForo will understand or is there a converter out there?
2. How easy is it to place google ads adverts in the forum?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
You will need to go via vBulletin using Impex (as I did), or via IPB.

Very easy using the built in ad templates.

Karl Livesey

New member
oh so translate to vB then translate to xenForo? just a pain then to translate 100k posts rather than losing em all and starting over.....could be worse.
If it doesn't work for whatever reason would it be possible to get my cash back?

Sadik B

Well-known member
I suggest first do as much cleanup as possible in phpbb. Once imported to VBulletin, use VB's excellent backend tools to again streamline the database. Then convert to Xenforo. That way the chances of you facing problems with the actual Xenforo import would be minimal.