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Okey, I have 2 questions...
1) How to edit threads count and messages count message like this: https://prnt.sc/us3272
2) How can I add an icon to sub-forum? I have icon added to that node, but shows like a default icon on main forum: https://prnt.sc/us33gz

Btw, If you are an Admin or Mod and you want to close my topic and delete it, u should know I have Xenforo 2.1.4. I got it in 2019 autumn, when it was free, so you should not close it just bcz i didn't paid for it, cuz you offered me this service for free and 100% LICENSED. Btw, I didn't break any rule of posting a support question here, its OFF-TOPIC. Thank you!

Please, help.


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Support is available to licensed customers only.

Add your forum username to your license so that you may post in the relevant support forum.
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