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XF 1.2 2 Bad Errors

1. Error when i click on the "members" < xen:hook name="dark_member_list_info" params="Array">

each member is written <xen: hook name = "dark_member_list_info" params = "Array">


2. And is there a widget to the sidebar appeared who has the most points. ? Please ! :-D.

Please please help me.. :).


Well-known member
1. This is an issue with one of @Luke Foreman's add-ons. Disable the ones you have from him and reenable them one by one.
2. You will need to look into the RM for one, I do not believe I've seen one.


Well-known member
If you disabled it and the problem disappears, contact Luke in the add-on thread.

If they persist, you should contact Luke in the add-on thread.
Hello guys im BACK ! :-D..

< xen:hook name="dark_member_list_info" params="Array"> (I WANT TO DELETE THIS)
Administration, Man, 16, From Hluk

and 2 problem IS : I Want your sing up button .. :-D.. How to ? XD :D :).

EVERY MEMBER IN MEMBERS = < xen:hook name="dark_member_list_info" params="Array">
HOW I CAN DELETE THIS = < xen:hook name="dark_member_list_info" params="Array"> ? THX XDDDD :D :).

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
This isn't anything to do with the Resource Manager.

You would need to contact @Luke Foreman

From what I have seen it is Taiga Chat.

You will need to post in the appropriate thread for support.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
This is three threads now on the same thing.

You need to speak to @Luke Foreman for support as this is related to one of his add-ons.

I do not understand the reluctance to seek the help in the appropriate thread that already exists.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Please do not post multiple threads for the same issue.

I have merged all of your threads.

In future post in the relevant add-on discussion threads for issues related to add-ons.