Fixed 2.2.14 introduces breaking functionality by removing unsubscribeEmailAddress option


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Any addon which uses the unsubscribeEmailAddress option that was part of the core - is now broken in 2.2.14 because of the new functionality introduced in a minor point release which removed this option without warning.
We're addressing this. XenForo 2.2.15 is being released today and it brings this option back.

This also means the new option we added yesterday is changing to no longer include the email address. To make these changes clearer, this new option we added yesterday is being removed, and a new option is being added in its place.

In short: if you've made any changes as a result of the release yesterday, please wait for XF 2.2.15 before finalising and releasing these.
In my case, I think the code I was using to add my own unsubscribe headers (which broke as a result of 2.2.14) is now largely redundant given the new functionality of XF doing it automatically - so I'm happy with the changes I've already made (which was to basically remove that block of code).

I'll need to revisit my SparkPost addon to see how it interacts with their system - given SparkPost add their own unsubscribe headers - but either way, this change for 2.2.15 is welcome, thanks.
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