10 ways to Promote your Forum on the Internet


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Growing an audience for a forum is not as simple as it seems. After all, your forum is just a tiny particle in the internet galaxy. Relying on word of mouth is just not enough to bring in the numbers. First, the forum owner needs to know exactly who their audience is and where they are present on the internet. Then they need to pitch their forum to these users and invite them to their forum. Before going out there into the internet world to promote your forum, it is important to have a small community of members who are active participants. Only then will the visitors to the forum see value and even think about giving it a try.

Here are 10 tried and tested ways to promote your internet forum for maximum exposure.

# Promote Yourself

In the early stages of the growth of a forum, the forum owner’s credibility plays a key role in attracting new members. The forum owner needs make their presence felt in different forums by contributing heavily. A link to the forum must also be attached to their name always.

# Social Media

The popular social media platforms are considered an enemy that steals its audience by many forum owners. But, it can be used to bring in a lot of new users to the forum. Using Reddit and Quora, one can build a loyal following who can be the invited to the forum.

# Create a Blog

Having a blog in the same domain as that of your forum is a great advantage for forum owners. It becomes a great source for the right type of audience for the forum. The blog has the additional advantage of getting high in the search rankings and advertising the forum for free.

# Post on other Forums

Many forums have a special section called ‘Website Showcase’. This is a place where forum owners share the link to their forums and invite people to visit it. The forum explorers use this space to find interesting new forums to try out.

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This is what I am doing:

Created Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/wereadcomics.net/

Watermarking pictures with the website name, posting pictures on the facebook page.

All of the pictures are pictures I took and are my property.

Add description of pictures.

Google indexes pictures with description.

Someone searches for certain comic book, picture with watermark show up in search results.