Fixed '1 people like this'


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Grammar nazi's will be quick to point out it should read

1 person likes this

2 people likes this

:( That's exactly what I was thinking when I skimmed this thread earlier

Edit: I was just thinking..... I can't be a grammar nazi, there is no way...I butcher the English language like I get paid to do it.

English isn't my native language, but I always thought people in this context is in the plural sense, hence "2 people like this".

That's exactly what he was saying and you are correct.

In the line in the image, it says 'one people like this' when to be proper it should be '1 person likes this', which is what Adam was pointing out.


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So "1 person likes this" or "2 people like this", or even better, fixing the caching issue and use the actual usernames. ;)


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Not really looked but should be possible with a quick template edit shouldn't it?
Something like:
{xen:if '$likes < 2', '1_person_likes_this', '2_people_like_this'}

And ignore everyone from the third person on who likes a post ;)

No but I'm pretty sure it's not really difficult too.
And as a grammar nazi I think this must be implemented :)


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1 people like this

In my world, this is perfectly acceptable. I think it should also read along the lines of "1 people like this, issue at style english bad help issue love style" and I think we're golden. :D