XF 2.1 1.5 to latest 2X best way



I apologize if this has been asked already, I cant find it.

Currently we are on 1.5 and will be going to the latest version 2x. Most users are discussing upgrading. I am wondering if this importing approach will work as I would prefer this?

1) In new password protected folder, set up virgin xenforo2.
2) Add all new add-ons and ver2 of existing.
3) Add styles so it looks like I want to.
4) Import database from 1.5
5) Move it all to live after testing.

Is there any reason I should not do the import/ upgrade as discussed above?


Am I better moving existing 1.5 to duplicate environment and then trying to upgrade what I have got while in the duplicate environment?

I like the sound of the first option as I don't want to bring over old files. If option 1 is a possibility, then how does the database get imported form 1.5 to 2X? I only see importers for other forums like phpbb.

Finally in my members area my 1 year support ran out. If I go to renew it, then it says I am renewing for 1 year for xenforo1. I will be using xenforo2 and will need support for that, but the option does not exist in my members area. How do I get support for xenforo2?



Thanks Jake

I find it interesting that you can import from other forums to xen2, but not from xen1.

Ok thank you, well that explains it. So I will move my existing 1.5 and database to test environment and upgrade it. I have no idea what the upgrade path is in xen1 and its not clear in the instructions to me: https://xenforo.com/xf2-docs/manual/install-upgrade/

Do you know how to add another year of support, but for xenforo2?


Thanks Brogan. Let me renew my license next.
Ok I updated my license and have copied my install 1 to a duplicate place. Now go to figure out how to upgrade it;)
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