XF 1.4 [1.4.6] Permissions Error

After correctly uploading I get this message during the install process.

The thing is I changed the permissions to 777 for all files inside the 'data' folder and the folder itself.

What do I do? [Sorry I'm just very new to this, I'm sure it's obvious]


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Are you sure you're in the correct directory?

The FTP window shows public/install in the top frame, but it should be public/data.

Have you accidentally moved the data directory?

A default installation should look like this:


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Your installation does not seem to be correct.
Directories and files are not in the correct locations.

If this is a new installation I would download a fresh .zip, wipe what's on the server and start again.


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There's data/ and there's install/data/. They both need to exist and they're totally different.

If you're doing a fresh install, make sure you download the installation package (not the upgrade package).