As designed [1.4.0] Hard bounce doesn't change user state


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Email options:
Bounced Email Address: Filled
Enable variable bounced email address values: Disabled (not supported by server)
Enable automated bounced email handler: Enabled
Conection Type: POP3, SSL
Soft Bounce Trigger Threshold: 3,3,5

Create a new XenForo user with fake username email and real domain (,

Hard bounce is correctly logged.
User state remains Awaiting email confirmation.
Is this right?
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Yes, this is correct. The processing only happens if they're in a valid state. In terms of emails going out, etc, awaiting confirmation is not different than the invalid email state; it mostly just changes the message the user receives. However, it also changes the next step in user progression so changing the user state could lead to bypassing manual account approval.