1.2 - Spam Cleaner - Does it (optionally) remove user profile field data now too?


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I have lots of human spammers who fill out their user profile and add a link back to the site they are spamming in the Homepage profile field as well as other spurious keyword and phrase info in the signature and other fields.

Spam cleaner doesn't currently "clean" these fields - is that option available in 1.2?

Shaun :D


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No, though note that if you ban them, that data can't be seen anyway.


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Just delete them & report their vital stats to SFS. I have no desire to keep any of their crud around.


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Here's how I deal with profile spam:

1. Check recent activity to look for spammers various' profile stuff.
2. I check their profile.
3. I delete status message(s), their homepage(s) for future protection, remove their signature which usually is spam.
4. Add user to banned usergroup, and then use the actual ban button.
5. Discourage, and IP Discourage. [In some cases, I IP ban the spammer.]