Fixed 1.2 - Redactor - Coloured paragraphs lose the space in between them when you edit the post


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[I've tested this in the test forum and can repeat it - Win 7 - FF 21:]

Type some text.
Make sure there a couple of lines.
Three seems to be enough to show the bug.

Now start a new paragraph.
And maybe another line too for good measure.

  • Highlight all of the the text and add some colour.
  • Save the post.
  • Now edit the post - the space disappears between the paragraphs.

Shaun :D


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Just to add - coloured text seems to drive Redactor bonkers when you go back to edit your post - I've just tried to post a visual example and the formatting messed up even worse than removing the newline (see deleted post).


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This is more our issue relating to BB code stuff than anything, I suspect. I think some other code I'm working on will sort it.