Cannot reproduce 1.2: Login from mobile is "hung"


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Nexus 4/Android 4.2.2 running Chrome browser.

The login screen stays hung after entering the password (note how the last "hidden" character of the password does not hide). Tapping "Log In" or (in the phone keyboard) tapping the "Go" button only causes the Log In button to turn yellow ("onclick" state, I would guess). The progress bar at the top (the partial medium blue line below the URL) does not move.

2013-06-03 08.06.23.png


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BTW, I have not tried it from my other two phones--I can test that later. Both run Gingerbread (2.3.7) and use the default Android browser.


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I couldn't reproduce this from my Nexus 7 or my S2, both with Chrome. Has anyone else run into this?

That's really just a regular form. I don't think we're doing anything interesting there.


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One bit I should add--it is like the entire "page" does not load, as the XenForo logo does not appear at the top, and the progress bar never fully completes. I had tried it about a half dozen times, even letting it sit for the better part of an hour. Yet, I could read forum areas without logging in and it worked fine.

I will try again later and see if I can duplicate it, just in case this was a fluke.


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I logged in on the first try today. I'll report back if I run into the same issue in the future. Thanks for looking into it!