[1.1] Statistics



It would be great if we could mark special dates with additional infos, which will be shown in the char.
So it's easier to track the user reaction on this

e.g. => installed addon xy today, announced xyz,changed default style,..............

That's IMO really a important feature.
Sometimes you see BIG changes in the traffic and it's hard to find the reason if you "only manage" the communities and don't know what's exactly going on...
With this it COULD be easier to indicate important factors...

Because of ( http://xenforo.com/community/threads/date-time-you-installed-upgraded-add-on.63854/ ) i got another (IMO much more powerful idea) but didn't wanted to highjack @Shelley s thread.

It would be great, if the xenforo statistics system would get a message/notification system, which would allow us to insert notices, which would be shown inside the statistics chart ( http://xenforo.com/community/threads/daily-statistics-in-xenforo-1-1.20737/ )
This should be possible from a ACP page and also via the API (to allow addons to insert automatically notifications)



This way, we could look up, what we changed in the system and see it much faster, as with analyzing the admin log (which is "useless" since it doesn't track the important data )
Just take a look at adminlog.PNG
It doesn't save the most important information => the addon id

Also just think about "advertisement campains", competitions, etc...
I could get all important informations on the statistics page, instead of dozen different pages
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