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  1. Mouth

    Add support for Duo to two-step verification

    Duo is a well respected two-factor authentication provider. Please add support for Due to Xenforo. https://duo.com/docs/duoweb contains documentation, including GitHub php library for easy integration.
  2. TeacherMac

    Lookup of custom field using an external API

    One of the requirements for the site I'm creating is that you must must live in the USA and I plan to do that by requiring the user's postal zip code. When the user creates a post I want the zip code shown with the user's name and, when anyone views the post they can hover over the zip code to...
  3. R

    Ignore option instead of showing error when verifying an option

    When I return "false" when verifying an option XenForo always shows a generic error even I did not manually added an error message to the DataWriter (via $dw->error). How can I make it to ignore the change without an error and do not change this option, but just "skip it"?
  4. rafass

    XF 1.5 Verified Badge next to the nickname. [Help]

    Hello. I want to put a badge next to the nickname. Something like verified accounts in Twitter or FB: I've been playing around in message_user_info with the conditional: <xen:if is="!{$isQuickReply} AND {xen:helper ismemberof, $user, 5}"> <div class="userInfoDot Tooltip" title="{xen:phrase...