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  1. bzcomputers

    As designed No upload image option when replying to report

    When replying to a report and selecting "Insert Image" the only option is to insert by url. The option/ability to upload an image is not present.
  2. Giray

    XF 1.5 Can't upload image to XFMG

    [new to XF] New install. Have XF, XFRM, XFMG and Showcase installed so far. All Media Gallery permissions seem good. Quotas are set generously. Data and Internal Data are set to 777 recursively (enclosed items) Note that I can add an image via url so I'm assuming I still have a permissions...
  3. Nicky Vermeersch

    XF 1.4 There was an error uploading your file.

    It happens a lot when trying to upload attachments or images to the media gallery. I increased the following options in php: upload_max_filesize=800M post_max_size=800M max_execution_time=300 max_input_time=300 However I still get "There was a problem uploading your file." as an error. I'm...
  4. Ladegro

    Unexpected error occurred while uploading file

    Just upgraded to ZFMG 1.0.6 but still I'm getting the following error while trying to upload image file into a category: I also happens if I try just one file (I need to upload a total of 1,2GB at the end). I'm not seeing any error-logs in the admin panel and do now know where to look further...
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