upload error

  1. viglesias

    Fixed Problems uploading videos in .mp4 format

    Hello, I have problems uploading videos in .mp4 format which are usually videos downloaded from twitts from x.com. I have read several options and it has not worked but I always have to convert the videos to .mov so that they can be uploaded and viewed, but some forum users do not know how to...
  2. N

    XF 1.5 Cannot upload a Docx File into resources

    Trying to upload a 13MB docx extension file under a resourse but it is showing an uploading error... any ideas?
  3. dotpro

    MG 1.1 annoying 503 errors using litespeed

    Hi, I am getting 503 errors when uploading more than 5 pictures The following error occurred: 503 Service Unavailable The server is temporarily busy, try again later! Your image upload quota: Maximum Dimensions: 5,000px x 5,000px Maximum File Size (MB): 10 MB Maximum Storage Quota (MB)...
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