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  1. Z

    How to associate existing license and new account?

    Hello! I've bought a forum on Xenforo. License is expired now. I need to buy some extensions and plugins. Unfortunately, previous owner didn't give me the license. So i want to create new account on XenForo for this forum and extend the license with it. What should i do for that?
  2. Axel B

    Wire Transfer only EU 0.8

    A Dutch translation for Wire Transfer only EU version 0.8 made by au lait. Een Nederlandse vertaling voor Wire Transfer only EU version 0.8 gemaakt door au lait.
  3. Dadparvar

    XF 1.5 How to bulk transfer threads from one user to another

    Hi, In my forum, USER1 has +4500 posts. I want to transfer some of them (more that 3000) to USER2. I have change author add-on, but it just works to change posts author one by one. Is there any way to do it easily? (for example to see a list of user1 posts and change their author to user2 as...
  4. au lait

    Wire Transfer only EU 0.8

    This addon allows you to pay by bank transfer. The user receives the bank data, confirmed that he has completed the transfer. And once it has been credited to the account - the subscription can be released. Upload data, install the product and enter the account information (IBAN/BIC-Swift) in...