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  1. DragonByte Tech

    [DBTech] DragonByte User Tagging 1.8.0

    Uses The DragonByte User Tagging mod adds multiple new features to your site, including extending the user mention feature to also work for user groups (auto-complete enabled). It also adds the ability to add Twitter-style hash tags to your posts, with auto-complete for existing hash tags used...
  2. Chris D

    Thread Tag Importers 1.0.1

    This add-on will allow you to retroactively import tags from these forums. This add-on utilises code from XenForo 1.5.7 and therefore can only be installed if you are running XenForo 1.5.7. Just head on over to Admin CP > Tools > Import External Data and select the relevant importer: Once...
  3. CTXMedia

    Thread tag management - how are you doing it?

    I enabled thread tagging on my largest forum a few weeks ago, allowing everyone to tag up to a max. 5 tags per thread. Increasingly the tags have become negative and inappropriate and now I'm having to consider my approach to using them at all; and if we continue, how to manage them effectively...
  4. Alpha1

    Trending tags

    The main tag cloud shows most popular tags. Once the tag database gains maturity this cloud will mostly remain the same over the years. What is more interesting for users is what is happening now. Which tags are gaining most views and replies in the last X days? A tag cloud made trending tags...
  5. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Add subnavigation link to tags pages

    On tags pages the subnavigation links bar is completely empty. This seems inconsistent with the rest of xenforo. To make it consistent with the rest of xenforo please add: - search tags - watched tags (if this function is added in the future) - new tags (if this function is added in the future)
  6. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Post content / thread to tag

    Please add a 'post new content' button to the tags page, so that users can add content from there. For example if a user is looking at this page, then it would be useful if they could be able to add a thread or other content from there. The user would need to select the proper content type and...
  7. TickTackk

    Reckons Team Better Tags [Paid] [Deleted]

    batpool52! submitted a new resource: Reckons Team Better Tags - Better tags usage that makes use of Wikipedia to get information about each and every tag. Read more about this resource...
  8. Daniel Hood

    Lack of interest Thread Preview

    When hovering over the thread title to bring up the preview modal, it'd be cool to include the thread tags above the content (if there are any).
  9. Alpha1

    Implemented Import thread tags from vbulletin

    It would be extremely useful if we could import tags from vbulletin. For example my site has 35,000 tags which we really need to keep. I'm sure there are many like me.
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