1. Fastline

    XF 2.0 Links text changed

    All of sudden, the all links text are changed to ABCD. It was not happening earlier. I don't know what's wrong. Anything i put in the link, the link is fine but it shows ABCD. Doesn't matter what links i put in. This is really annoying. I'm using XF 2.0.x Any idea?
  2. com

    As designed 'Proceed' vs 'Proceed...'

    Admin Control Panel - Forums - Nodes - Add node Admin Control Panel - Communication - Contact users - Alert uers (and other places) Idle button text "Proceed..." (with ellipsis) confuses me. Looks like process is already running, but it is not. "..." makes it look like button was activated...
  3. Sheldon

    Text Inside Breadcrumb

    Sheldon submitted a new resource: Text Inside Breadcrumb - Say something! Read more about this resource...