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  1. ⭐ Alex ⭐

    XF 2.2 But where is a list of all the style property Unique IDs? According to the manual we can reference colors by unique Ids. However the color page lacks the unique ID names. The only way I found to discover the unique IDs is by checking the source code of the style properties color page:
  2. Alternadiv

    XenForo UI/UX Design Tool -- Alternadiv 1.0.0

    This unusual style is ready to be your friend if you give it a chance. 🤗 Blank XenForo is a tool I use to experiment with XenForo's Style Properties system. As cool as it would be, it's not intended to be a style used on your live forum. The purpose of this masterpiece is to help you quickly...
  3. Kruzya

    Not a bug Style property "emailPublicLogoUrl" used only in ACTIVITY_SUMMARY_CONTAINER

    Style property description contains text "Defines the logo URL to be used in emails", but by fact, this logo is used only in activity summary emails. In MAIL_CONTAINER no one logo has used (only text board title variant):
  4. Mendalla

    XF 2.1 Style Weirdness. Any thoughts?

    So I have a weird phenomenon happening on my site. A couple examples: I happened to logout and noticed the logo was broken. Weird because I was sure it was okay when I was logged in. Log back in. It's there. Log out and log in with my test user. Broken. Back to my admin account and check the...
  5. DeltaHF

    Fixed Removing text color in Style Properties breaks entire page layout

    With the default theme, if you remove an explicit color definition of a property, it will break the entire layout of the page. To replicate, delete the "Color" field of the "Navigation row" in the "Header and navigation" style properties. It is set to @xf-chromeTextColor by default: This...
  6. SyTry

    XF 2.0 BB Code include template or style properties

    Hello, Actually I'm trying to do a BB code with my add-on, so I have some style properties with it but it didn't work when is use them in my code (HTML replacement). Like this : <div class="myClass" data-channel="{text}" data-layout="property('myProperty')"></div> Is this a bug or am I doing...
  7. Nulumia

    Implemented [XF2] Multi-line property type like XF1

    Hello, enjoying the features so far in XF2 but would love to see the multi-line property make a return to XF2. Many users of my themes really loved the ease of adding content directly into their themes by using this, without having to rely on a plugin or performing template edits. It's also...
  8. Lukas W.

    XF 2.0 Custom Style Properties

    Anyone can tell me how to bring the custom css style properties into a .less-template? I've scanned through various of the templates, but I'm still as clueless as from the beginning, tried @Name, @_name, but the less-compiler keeps throwing Unexpected input in anonymous-file [...].
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