social icons

  1. Mouth

    Enhance Post Sharing with Social Network Brand Icons

    Want to change your per-post sharing icon to add and highlight all the sharing options you've enabled ( /admin.php?options/groups/sharing/ )? From ... To ... It's only one simply template edit within your ACP. Steps ... Open your Admin Control Panel, and go to the Appearance | Templates (...
  2. frm

    Beta Parler Share Button (Template Mod) 1

    The downloadable zip file must be uploaded as Parler is not apart of Font Awesome and likely won't be due to their $3000 branding fee (or be denied completely if they share the same values as Big Tech, etc.), until there is more adoption of this. Show support for free speech by adding the...
  3. frm

    Add Parler Share Button

    Please add Parler to the supported options in ACP > Setup > Options > Sharing in the same manner that Twitter is (removing via/related) in that there is a popup on a desktop view with the title and link to the current page. This would be the share link for this suggestion: [URL...
  4. BassMan

    [cXF] Social Icons in Breadcrumbs 1.0.3

    Description: This add-on will add an option to show social icons in breadcrumbs. Features: show any social network Font Awesome icon in breadcrumbs show up to 5 social icons in top and bottom breadcrumb show extra contact icon in breadcrumb; on click contact form will open in an overlay set...
  5. A

    Unmaintained SocialFooter 1.3.1

    Description With this modification you can link your social networks in your footer. Feature summary add multiple social network links FA5 support Donate If you like our work, please consider sending a small donation. Additional information We would prefer it if bugs were reported in our...
  6. Craig

    XF 1.5 Template for Social Icons

    Hello all! I have 3 "social" icons at the top right of my page. However, when I click on the YouTube icon it doesn't take me to the proper YouTube channel. The website for this is <xen:hook name="ad_header" /> <xen:require css="fa_socialicons.css" />...