1. I

    Unmaintained EZGamer 2019-04-28

    EZGamer This is the perfect style for the gamers out there that prefers a simplistic and soft design for your community. No gradients, and no textures. Just simple shapes and colors. The style is still in beta, so bugs and errors may occur. If you encounter them, please send me a picture and...
  2. mysimsek

    Unmaintained [XFTR] Horizontal Postbit Design

    Hi friends, I am sorry that I do not speak English. This simple postbit design that I have prepared for those who want to use horizontal design instead of vertical postbit design of Xf2 is composed of css based layout. All you have to do for this is to save the following codes in the...
  3. Adam K M

    [SCC] Simple Donations

    Adam K M submitted a new resource: [SCC] Simple Donations - A super-simple, basic, add-on that adds a donation widget to your sidebar! Read more about this resource...