1. Joao Prates

    XF 2.2 Edit BB code media site with different URL endings before {$id}

    Hi, I'm trying to create a custom BB code for Tidal, and I already got it working for tracks using this match url{$id:alphanum} and using this code: <div class="bbMediaWrapper" data-media-site-id="{$siteId}" data-media-key="{$id}"> <div...
  2. RG70Hz

    XF 1.2 Implement Google Adsense [XF 1.2.9]

  3. M

    XF 2.2 Back-End Script To Automate Restructuring Forum After Import

    Apologies if this is an easy answer, but I'm new to all of this and I'm wondering if it's possible to write a script that can be run on the server in order to restructure the forum after an import has been finished? We're importing from VB4 to XF2 and we'd like to do the following after the...
  4. C

    Need a way to search / list active users. Contact me with price quote.

    Hello there, I'm looking for a custom script that would allow me to search and list users that made a post (display the amount) within a certain time frame. So let's say there's a page in the admin area where I can enter a date range. Let's say. August 1st 2018 - August 31th 2018. And the...
  5. MegaPixel

    Making the Move to XenForo -- Worried!

    Good Evening All! I'm apart of the Administration Team for a forum roleplay called Modern Nations, and we're currently hosted and based on the free forum software, Zetaboards. Which has been our home for the last six years, and continuing to progress in a positive direction. However, we're...
  6. Luke_Daniel_Rodgers

    XF 1.5 Need to create text container/wrapper/body

    Hi! I'm wondering if there is a code for creating a "text-background" or a physical text "wrapper". For instance, here is my website: As you can see, the text and image do not have a background, or wrapper box of their own; it is simply showing the websites background. This can cause issues...
  7. Finexes

    Gametracker SSL Proxy 2.0

    NOTE: It seems like Gametracker is now finally supporting SSL. Try to change your Gametracker links to https. If everything works fine, you won't need this resource! Introduction If you display Gametracker banners on your ssl secured site, you may get a warning for mixed content as Gametracker...
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