1. rrlevering

    Implemented Markup improvements for Google

    Hi, my name is Ryan Levering and I currently handle structured data ingestion at Google (this guy). I've been doing some fairly spontaneous spot checks (not based on any specific problem) of some of the major forum software markups on the web just to see whether the markup is being generated in...
  2. Alpha1

    Fixed Google: Spammy structured markup. Data-vocabulary dead since 2011

    Google is marking hundreds of thousands of threads as 'Spammy structured markup' and a violation of their policies because of the way data-vocabulary microdata is used for 'Person'. This has a negative effect on ranking. At least for sites that are classed by Google as YMYL (critical for...
  3. Kevin

    Implemented [Suggestion] Implement DiscussionForumPosting

    Looks like there is finally a DiscussionForumPosting type at that is a subset of SocialMediaPosting. Trying the sample code at Google's validate site results in a few errors for missing tags but some of the ones like the headline (thread title for our purposes) and interaction count...
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