1. fahad ashraf

    XF 2.2 Pagination issue

    i am facing strange issue on pagination if am i getting record without limit with order then i am getting all record but if i am doing pagination 100 in one page then there is 2 record missing that is really strange why record is missing please someone guide me Thanks
  2. V

    As designed Thread view on mobile: No top pagination in portrait view

    While viewing thread on mobile there is no top pagination when in portrait orientation. Just watch/mod options centered. I must scroll page down to use bottom pagination. When in landscape orientation then it shows fine (pagination left, watch/mod options right). Please change to have...
  3. Shinka

    Unmaintained [Shinka] AJAX Paging 1.0.0 Beta 5

    [Shinka] AJAX Paging Replaces pagination links with AJAX calls. Installation Download the latest stable release Extract the zip Copy the contents of the upload folder to the root of your Xenforo installation Install and activate the add-on in your Admin CP Features Changing pages (e.g...
  4. P

    Fixed Problem with pagination buttons

    Hello, I have attached a print screen. Kind regards, George.
  5. Amaury

    As designed No Border When Hovering on Pagination Scroll Arrow

    When you hover over the pagination items, this it what they look like (6): However, though this may be as designed, something's overwriting the border coming from the PageNav Page Link, Hover State style property when hovering over the pagination scroll arrow: And that something is...
  6. Trevor

    Lack of interest Likes need pagination

    When a user likes someone's content, and clicks on "other who have liked" the same thing as you, you will see an endless list. This puts some strain on the clients browser. The solution is to paginate this. For example: Needs to be paginated to...
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