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  1. VanillaNeko

    XF 1.5 Creating a Overlay

    Hello, I make a rather special request because not having the necessary skills. I would like to create an overlay that opens automatically when arriving on my site with the automatic reading of a video or a webm file. The video or webm file center and the rest of the overlay in black with an...
  2. BobbyWibowo

    [Endless Horizon] Social Share 2.2.1

    Overlay social share widget. Yet another replacement for the default Share This Page widget. Notable Features: Uses Font Awesome for icons This add-on will use Font Awesome instead of external images. Except for LINE, though it's disabled by default (still waiting for the icon to be...
  3. Eagle

    Adding the comments, information, share etc. into Lightbox.

    You click on one of the photo it will open an overlay/lightbox with comments and information panel like Facebook or other Photo Gallery. Really important feature that must be added. As a matter of fact, a lot of people get addicted to Facebook. Because very nice handy to everything. In...
  4. au lait

    Keyword Management (Keyword Replace) 1.14

    Info: Please review this add-on, if you like it. This helps other people to decide. With this addon the admins have the opportunity to set links for individual words, with many options for a single word, to strengthen internal linking. You can also set tooltips for description or explanations...