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  1. cellarius

    Not a bug Upgrade overwrites translated/customised navigation element titles

    My xenforo 2 installation is in German. It took me quite some time to translate all the elements in the navigation manager, since they do not seem to be phrased. Now I just upgraded from 2.0.4 to 2.0.5, and all the translated navigation element titles were overwritten. Please tell me I won't...
  2. Alpha1

    Navigation Menu Manager for Footer, Mod bar, Addon Navigation, etc

    XF2 will have a Navigation Manager which applies exclusively to the header tabs and subnavigation. It would be extremely useful to also have functionality to manage: Footer Navigation Menu's. Its common for sites to have extensive footer menu's. No matter if we want a small footer menu like...
  3. N

    Add-on Extra Navbars with Custom Links, Easily Manageable Via Admin Panel

    There used to be a vB plugin, which allowed to create an extra navigation bar below the main navigation bar or anywhere. It had its own admin block, where you could create custom links and sub-menu links manageable via Admin Panel. Description::. This hack will give you an ability to add...
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