1. V

    [HELP ]How to use url rewrite with 1 & 1?

    Hello, I can not use the rewrite of url with the host: 1 & 1. I am under APACHE The mod_rewrite is activated on their server, but when I activate the rewrite of url via admin.php? Options / groups / basicBoard /, I absolutely can not do anything on my forum. I try...
  2. Cupara

    mod_expires issues

    If you view you will see under the YSlow tab that I have 2 F's and 1 E rating. The Add Expires Header is my concern and if you click the box it will drop down showing you what the issue is. I have added mod_expires to my .htaccess file but it...
  3. aljaxus

    XF 1.5 Friendly URLs not working

    Alright, here i am back (again) with another help-request. Before i moved from the webhost (which i was using until i decided to not pay for that anymore) and moved to a VPS the friendly URLs were working fine, now when i moved everything is working fine when not using user-friendly URLs, but...
  4. M

    XF 1.5 Redirecting URL Issue

    Hello All, Please be easy on me I am a newbie :-/ I recently purchased and installed xenforo in a cakephp environment. The install location for the forum is domain-name/app/webroot/forums/ I want it so that the url path is domain-name/forums/ but when I go there it redirects me to...