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  1. indepth

    XF 2.2 Integrated user model

    I'm actually an XF old but it's been so long I feel like a newb and could use some guidance. Long story short: I just purchased a new license because I saw with the addition of the API / OATH2 in recent years it now appears much easier to add XF onto an existing membership based site. (with a...
  2. kolakube

    Login users to WordPress 1.0

    A simple XenForo addon that detects when a user logs in from the XenForo and also logs in a corresponding user in WordPress. Requirements Both WP and XF must be on the same server You cannot use subdomains, only subfolders (ex: domain.com/community) Both WP and XF users must have the same...
  3. R

    how can i make a bridge between my custom laravel app and xenforo 2 ?

    hello, I am searching to use one login of laravel for xenforo 2. I have searched many packages but those are outdated. kindly suggest to me how can I achieve this. thanks
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    Old Bridge Mostar
  5. 20171110_095441_HDR.jpg


    Old Bridge Mostar
  6. Divinum Fiat

    Xenforo - Thinkific Bridge Needed

    Hi Everyone, Challenge: Currently my clients, students and members need to create three logins to use the Wordpress portion, the Academy and the Forum. Too confusing and annoying for clients. Solution: I'd like to create one login for the Academy and Forum. Bridging all three may be too...
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