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  1. schroeffu

    Implemented Super Live Search - An example of how it should be

    Here's an example how Xenforo should extend their Enhanced Search towards "Super Enhanced Live Search": (thats from xenforo board - it's their own implementation with javascript [AngularJS?]) This "Super Enhanced Live Search" goes through Threads: 676.907 (!) Answers...
  2. schroeffu

    XF 1.5 Super Enhanced Live Search (Elastic) - is there a Roadmap for future Xenforo versions?

    I would like to know the roadmap about Xenforo's Enhanced Search. Could please a developer check out the super Enhanced Live-Search on this xenforo board: As you can see, they provide with Javascript (AngularJS i guess) a very enhanced live search. With ElasticSearch...
  3. Lemminator

    Add-on Live Search for Xenforo !

    Hi @all, i'm searching for an AJAX based Live Search add-on Live Search like there was one for vBulletin [AJAX] Live Search - Forum . These addon should be compatible with enhanced search und maybe integrated some other addons. Some users made an donation so we can hire an coder...
  4. Alpha1

    Duplicate Search Autocomplete (live search)

    Please add an auto-completion function to XFES. Nowadays most sites have Live Search. Quick and Dirty Autocomplete with Elasticsearch Completion Suggest
  5. Lemminator

    Implemented Live Search

    hi is it possible to implement the live search function in XF. I mean the same as in vbulletin or in google search ? kind regards lemmi
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