language chooser

  1. Feathery

    Auto Language 1.1.1-b4

    Automatically set the user's language based on their browser language. ❯ Sets the language based on the user's browser locale (HTTP Header) ❯ Works for guests and registered users ❯ Hassle free setup, languages are automatically matched by using the locale properties in the installed...
  2. JasonBrody

    XF 2.1 Disable Language Chooser from Footer + Account Preference for Users

    Hi, I'd like to know how to disable the language chooser completely for members from the footer part, account preference settings etc. I want everyone to use the secondary/child language as it contains modified phrases for. I've searched the forum & found some instructions - but they are...
  3. Freelancer

    Duplicate Style and Language Chooser vanishes on Post Edit "More"

    Title says it all. When editing a post you get the modal. If you click on "more" and get to the actual edit page, the style chooser button and the language chooser button are gone on default style. I recognized the same with UIX, but there the language chooser remains and only the style chooser...