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error page

  1. Rohan Ekanayake

    XF 1.5 Guest Viewing forum Error Page. Any Solution ?

    Hello, I seen on my current visitors list ,users viewing error page (This member is viewing invalid page or a page they don't have a permission to view it.) Any solution for it? i mean auto redirection add on to main forum list? Screenshot -
  2. mcatze

    Error when install add-on

    Hi there, i don't know if it is an bug or not. I have a local installation on a home server. When i try to install a new add-on i get this screen directly after clicking the button. But the installation is ok and i have no entries in the logs. It seems something is too fast for this...
  3. Tyrone Shum

    Redirect Login Form

    Hi @Chris D I am doing an integration with amember + xenforo , so the users would login via amember. I would like to setup a redirect to the amember login page when the "Error" Page pops up. Here is my site: http://dslrvideoclub.com/members/index.php Login page: It will be redirecting to...