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  1. kolakube

    Using forums for client communications

    Today I've started the process of transitioning client communications from sporadic email chains to private sections on my forums. It dawned on me as I was cleaning out my inbox that I tend to miss messages and fall out of email chains more often than I should, yet I never miss anything posted...
  2. navinjoseph

    XF 2.1 parsing xf template tags inside php

    Is there a way where we can parse the XF template tags inside php for example if I had store this particular tag <xf:js src="foo.js"></xf:js> and call this via a callback tag how do I parse it to <script src="foo.js"></script> is there some sort of function to this ? because right now it just...
  3. SyTry

    XF 2.0 Use full friendly URLs - Error 500

    Hello, Since this afternoon I have a problem with my forum. I can't activate the option "Use full friendly URLs" otherwise I have an error 500 outside my main URL. Without this option I have access. With "Use full friendly URLs" : Without "Use full friendly...
  4. A

    Are paying customers allowed full use of the support forums?

    I noticed some of the official support forums are restricted. Am I safe to assume that paying customers are allowed full use of the support forums?
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