1. Ozzy47

    [OzzModz] Withdrawal Queue 2.1.1 Beta 4

    Withdrawal queue with debiting support from currency add-ons for faster, safe and more convenient manual withdrawing. List of features: Payout queue moderation (like xF's approval queue) with alerts on complete/rejection Payout requesting Wallet management Payment system management...
  2. Dadparvar

    XF 1.5 How to remove zero from prices

    Hi, I have Persian Paygate for any payment in my forum and in our currency we don't have any .00 in price. For Example: 1000 Toman (But now my forum shows "1000.00 Toman" and so users think that the price is 100000 Toman! Although it works correct and just decrease 1000 from their account) How...
  3. Mr Lucky

    help with a currency regular expression please

    What I want is to match the value so a user must put in a currency symbol and amount I can do this with a specific currency, e.g. ^\£(\d{1,3}(\,\d{3})*|(\d+))(\.\d{2})?$ for £ However I want to allow $ and € as well (or ideally any currency symbol) Can someone please help with this? Thanks
  4. agison

    Unmaintained [Tinhte] Add More Currency (s) 1.0.0

    Happy New Lunar Year! This Addon allow you to add more currencies to XenForo User Upgrade without Editing any code file or any template. This support both User Upgrade & Advanced User Upgrade Addon. Just install and go to option to add any currency you want, each currency per line.
  5. agison

    [Tinhte] Add More Currency (s)

    Dinh Thanh submitted a new resource: [Tinhte] Add More Currency (s) (version 1.0.0) - Add more currency (s) to Xenforo for your User Upgrade Read more about this resource...
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