1. XFA

    Unmaintained [ITD] Zombatar 1.0.0

    Set of 27 Zombatar Avatars set for [TFP] Avatar Gallery You have to install [Xen-Soluce] Avatar Gallery first. See Live Demo at Instructions: Download the attachment. Log in to your BU and go to addon page. Select Install/upgrade from archive.. That's all :)
  2. wmtech

    [TAC] Total XF1 Anti-Spam Collection Complete 1.2.92

    If you like this add-on package, please >>rate it<< Description This is the complete collection of Anti-Spam Tools, a veritable fortress of all 7 spam eradicating add-ons. This package offers a 40% discount compared to buying each add-on individually. TAC Total Anti-Spam Collection includes...