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  1. OakleyForum

    Disable Censoring for PM's?

    Wondering if there is any way to disable the censor filter for PM's (they are private afterall) - Thanks!
  2. Mr Lucky

    Lack of interest Censoring to work retrospectively on usernames

    Censoring currently works retrospectively on words in posts and thread titles, but not with usernames. I understand you may not want usernames such as **** or *******, so I would suggest that this is optional for those people who do want to be able to censor a username after the user has...
  3. Mr Lucky

    As designed Censor does not work on Usernames

    It seems somebody can register with a name or part of a name that is on your censor list. I have not tested with a newly signed up member, but I have found if they sign with a name you subsequently add to the censor, the censored word still shows in their username.